Focused On Fitness - March 29, 2007

   It is a good thing that I sit down to do this newsletter because my legs are going to be sore today. I just did a plyometrics workout as part of my training plan (I am in my second day - yesterday I made a total fool out of myself doing Kenpo) to be totally ripped in 90 days (I can picture those of you who know me chuckling right now). Runners are notoriously weak and I am certainly not getting stronger as I get older. I am not going to go on and on, but if you want to hear more, either click here or scroll down to "Going On and On...".
   I've been waiting for months to direct you to a website that I found - - the #1 Site for Grass-Fed Food & Facts, but imagine how hard it was to find a segue with articles on that topic! Now I have one with one of this week's featured articles, "10 Supermarket Ethical Dilemmas" which addresses eating free-range poultry and eggs and grass-fed beef. You will also learn in the "Farm IQ Test" (okay, I am giving away an answer) that corn is the largest cash crop in the U.S. with much of it going to feed livestock. This is the point in the newsletter where I would like to sound more intelligent, but do you remember the article, "Confused About Fat? Get Some Answers Here" by Jo Robinson? Well, she is the principal researcher and writer for the website and is an investigative journalist and New York Times best-selling writer. In that article, she told us how, "Starting in the 1950's, the meat industry had begun taking our animals off pasture and fattening them on grains high in omega-6s adding to our intake of these potentially cancer-promoting fats (there is now strong evidence that omega-6s can make cancer cells grow faster and be more invasive). Now do you understand why I was so excited about finally being able to use in my newsletter. If I hadn't found a good segue, you would have been thinking, "why do we want to go to the #1 Site for Grass-Fed Food & Facts"? Thanks for the idea, by the way, goes to Kit Pharo at the Pharo Cattle Company in Cheyenne Wells, CO, since the Jo Robinson article was in one of his newsletters.
   At the risk of going on and on, which I said that I wouldn't, I just wanted to mention one more website that you might be interested in and that is Team Rono. I did it for Henry Rono, considered by many to be the greatest distance runner of all time, and more than a website about the runner, it is a story of triumph over life's challenges. It is well worth visiting.

Featured Articles 
   10 Supermarket Ethical Dilemmas - Every time we walk into a supermarket, we are faced with hundreds of seemingly minor decisions over which product we should buy. But while the decisions seem minor, the ramifications of our choices can affect our health, our environment, and our society.
   What's the Deal with Kosher Food - Find out why some kosher foods, like chicken, taste better than their non-kosher counterparts (though organic or free-farmed chicken is even tastier).
   Test Your Farm IQ - How much do you really know about life on the farm and how popular farming was in the U.S. years ago

Health News Headlines 
    Study finds children deluged by food ads - U.S. children are being deluged by a tidal wave of TV ads for foods like candy, snacks, sugary cereals and fatty fast food, according to a study that exhaustively tallied the number and type of ads kids see.
    Sedentary behavior linked to high blood sugar - People who tend to be sedentary -- as indicated by the amount of time they spend watching television -- are likely to have high levels of glucose in their blood, even though they may not be diabetic.
    Flavonoid-rich diets may help reduce heart disease - Foods rich in flavonoids -- from apples and pears to dark chocolate and red wine -- may help shield postmenopausal women from coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke, a new study shows.
    Routine check-ups boost cancer screening rates - People who regularly go to their primary care doctor for routine check ups are more apt to undergo recommended colorectal, breast and prostate cancer screening tests, according to research released this week.
    Trans fats linked to greater heart disease risk - A study published today supports recent efforts to rid the American diet of trans fats. In the study, women with the highest levels of trans fat in their blood had triple the risk of heart disease as those with the lowest levels.
    More walking, less TV helps new moms trim down - Walking, avoiding trans fats, and turning off the TV may go along way toward helping new mothers pare off extra post-baby pounds, a new study shows.
    Blueberry-rich diet may keep the colon healthy - A natural antioxidant abundant in blueberries called pterostilbene may help prevent colon cancer, according to an animal study reported Sunday in Chicago at the 233rd national meeting of the American Chemical Society.
    Chile rediscovers native Mapuche remedies - Chileans are rediscovering the ancient herbal remedies of the Mapuche indigenous tribe. The herbal medicine trend has made many Chileans reclaim a part of their Indian heritage.

Going On and On... 
    I mentioned months ago that I was becoming a Million Dollar Body Coach and now that the program is fully functional it is proving to be a blast. I bought P90X (you have to sign up to be a member - join risk free for 30 days for $2.99 a week or better yet, become a coach like I did to purchase products) and it is the most incredible workout program that I have ever done - and I was a personal trainer for many, many years! The 12 DVD set came Tuesday night and it has, like I already mentioned, Kenpo and plyometrics, as well as 10 other dedicated workout discs for chest and back, shoulders and arms, yoga, legs and back, core synergistics, chest, shoulders and triceps, back and biceps, cardio, stretching and the ultimate torture - the ab ripper! If you join as a member you get 10% off programs (and there are plenty of others besides P90X like Slim In Six, Hip Hop Abs, Yoga Booty Ballet and more) and products and if you become a coach, you get 25% off of programs (including a six program set at half price!) and products - plus you can make money by mentoring and coaching people who need to lose weight and get in shape. Believe me, I am not trying to sell you anything, but it is well worth at least checking into. I am glad that someone told me about it, because besides being totally ripped in 90 days and helping others, being part of the Million Dollar Program really is a blast!

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