Focused On Fitness - April 19, 2007

   It was hard doing the newsletter this week and I almost abandoned the idea all together. But then I realized that we couldn't give up on the idea of bringing some sanity back into today in light of the insanity of the carnage that occurred in Blacksburg this week and that continues to occur in Baghdad and other parts of the world on a daily basis. Having been born in 1950, I think of life then as a time when the hoola hoop was the rage and drive-in movie theaters were at the peak of their popularity. Having grown up in the '60's, I think of life then as a time when the British rock craze was sweeping our country, Apollo 11 made a lunar landing, the Peace Corps was established and 400,000 people attended Woodstock (I was at the Somerset County 4H Fair and a friend asked me to go but I said no because I was doing something else (?) that weekend).
   Perhaps I am forgetting that in those first 20 years of my life, there was also the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the explosion of the first hydrogen bomb, and John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were all assassinated.
   Somehow, for the most part, sanity has been able to prevail in the subsequent 35 years or so and we always recover as a nation and a world from our tragedies. Let's hope that we can continue to rise above and someday put resolution and reconciliation ahead of conflict and carnage.

Featured Articles 
   Sugar vs. Fat: Which Is Worse? - Ladies and gentleman, tonight we bring you the long-awaited fight to crown the World Obesity Federation's heavyweight champion. It's the battle to decide, once and for all, which food is most responsible for making us fat. In one corner, we have our long-reigning champion, The Heartbreak Hammer, Fat! In the other corner, the up-and-coming challenger everyone's been talking about, The Soda Pop Kid, Sugar! Continued...
   Coldwater Fish, the Top Superfood - The top "superfood" to add to your list of favorite heart health boosters is fish. But not just any fish. Fish that is a good source of omega-3 fats. Continued...
   Test Your Sweetener IQ - Find out how sweet they are and if they are really safe or not. Continued...

Health News Headlines 
    Colleges see tough choices on troubled students - U.S. universities are performing a delicate balancing act in dealing with emotionally troubled students amid worries over being sued for doing either too much or too little, administrators said on Wednesday.
    Women hit harder in health care crisis - Rising health costs are likely to hit women harder than men, especially as companies shift more costs to employees, according to a U.S. study released on Thursday.
    Prepared patients get most out of yearly exams - People should prepare in advance for their annual physical to make the most of the wealth of preventive options available to them, a new company advises.
    Picking healthy restaurant foods not so easy - Picking the healthiest item on a restaurant menu is not as easy as it seems, according to a new poll that found most respondents were unable to identify the dishes lowest in calories, salt and fat.
    Democrats' drug price bill blocked in Senate - A bill that would let the U.S. government negotiate prices for Medicare prescription drugs stalled in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday when Republican opponents blocked a vote on the legislation.
    Study adds data that vegetables reduce cancer risk - New research is strengthening evidence that following mom's admonition to eat your vegetables may be some of the best health advice around.
    Healthier food, drinks slowly enter schools - Healthier food and drinks are slowly finding their way into U.S. school lunchrooms, just under a year after leading companies first voluntarily agreed to ban high-calorie, low-nutrition products from schools.
    Youngsters act on nutrition advice, study finds - Children can be educated to choose skim or reduced-fat milk over whole milk and maintain calcium intake in the process, according to "important" new data from the Dietary Intervention Study in Children (DISC) trial.
    Salt may affect more than blood pressure - Consuming less salt can not only lower blood pressure, but may reduce the risk of heart disease overall, researchers reported on Thursday. They found that people with borderline-high blood pressure who reduced their sodium intake by 25 to 35 percent lowered their risk of total cardiovascular disease by 25 percent. And this lower risk lasted for 10 to 15 years.

Fitness For Moms 
   My wife, Christy, is a great teacher. It is her gift and has been her passion - until recently. Everything changed when the Federal government mandated policies in the Education Department which required that all children in all schools get a "passing" grade or the school wouldn't get Federal funding. With basically a pass/fail system where everyone had to pass, education became secondary. Christy is now spending almost more time doing paperwork and being in meetings than she is really educating and preparing kids for the future.
   That to me is a tragic situation because we need our young people to learn and excel in school so that they can be the future of our country. It also means someone's gift will remain ungiven. But perhaps it is just an opportunity for Christy to combine her desire to teach with her years of experience as a competitive runner and her knowledge of fitness and bring it to another "classroom". She became a Million Dollar Body Coach when I did, but has been inactive because teaching became so stressful that it overwhelmed her. As she changes her direction, I suspect that her stress will diminish significantly and that her energy will soar. If you would like to learn more, Christy will be sharing with you her thoughts and experiences on her website,, so please visit her there.

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Happy spring everyone,
    Richard Dafter