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My newsletter gives me the opportunity to convey to my website visitors my passion for fitness and health. Sometimes provocative, sometimes personal and always informative, the message from week to week will be the same - safeguard your health and maintain your fitness as two of your most valued possessions. I have learned from personal experience that without them, quality of life can never be what it was intended to be and every other aspect of daily life will be impacted accordingly. I hope that you enjoy my newsletter, but if not, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Editorial: On becoming "messengers"

Some years ago, my father died of prostate cancer. In life, he had been, however, so healthy that he didn't have his first physical until he was 60. When I saw an article in Reuters Health about omega-3 fatty acids and prostate cancer - "Dietary changes may slow prostate cancer growth", it got my attention and I read it. Every week, I update the Reuters Health News section of my site for my readers and my visitors and if an article makes a positive impact on just one person, it is worth it. Please be aware, though, that I use editorial discretion. I post articles that support my claim that exercise and good nutrition are beneficial and never post articles about the newest drug to lose weight or improve your sex drive or the results of small studies of five people, as an example, that claim if you drink a gallon of root beer a day, it is a cure for baldness. Monday's lead story, for instance, was about a vaccine to curb your appetite studied by the Scripps Research Institute in California (doesn't the state of the world's oceans provide enough work to keep them busy?) If you want to learn more, you will have to find the study yourselves.

This all leads me to the point of this week's editorial. The Learning Channel has a wonderful new show called The Messengers and although we missed the first episode when the 10 participants spent 24 hours in a homeless shelter, the episode that we did see was about working on a migrant farm. At the end of each challenge, the participants are asked to give a two minute talk/speech/sermon on a topic that they have been given time to prepare for. After working on the migrant farm, the subject was struggle and we listened to the nine (one participant is eliminated each week based on the quality of their talk) express in the most beautiful and emotional of terms what struggle means to them. In effect, overcoming and dealing with struggles has to become their passion for a week and they have to express themselves as if it was an overriding issue in their lives. In real life, most of us could launch into the subject of our passions with little or no preparation.

Needless to say, my passion is health and fitness. Before my perfect health failed me as a result of a car accident, I took it for granted. Now it has become almost a ministry for me to spread the word about how important your health really is and how you need to not only safeguard it, but also do whatever it takes to enhance and optimize it, just in case something unexpected happens - like an accident, virus or sudden illness. But there are countless other passions that we all have that would have a positive impact on those around us if we would all become "messengers" and speak eloquently about our passions.

My wife is very passionate about teaching. Yesterday she was watching Oprah for one of the last times before she goes back to school next week and former NBA player Kevin Johnson was a guest. Her passion for teaching was kindled even more when she learned the story of how Kevin Johnson, who took the Phoenix Suns to the playoffs ten years in a row, retired from playing to focus on education and ultimately to work full time running the six schools in the St. Hope Public School System that he founded. He said that he "couldn't wait to get out of the game so that I could do something bigger and more important than basketball." He is a "messenger" for the benefits of education. You could be a messenger for the rewards of volunteerism or the environment or peace or, as I said, countless other pursuits.

But in order to be that "messenger," we need to speak out - and not just for two minutes. Share with others the joys and rewards of your passion and touch their lives with it. Speak out and stand out as a person who cares enough to make a difference. Please be a "messenger" of your passion and make a difference. In the end, the world will be a better place as a result of your efforts.

Richard Dafter
OEO (Only Executive Officer)
Health and fitness resources
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This week's health and fitness articles
Fattest nation What Does It Mean to Be "Fat"? - It's no secret that the U.S. is one of the fattest nations in the world: 66.3% of Americans over 20 years old are overweight or obese (about 140 million); 32% are obese (67 million); and almost 5% (9 million) are morbidly obese. Of adolescents 12 to 19 years old, over 17% are overweight (over 12.5 million), 16% of them girls, and 18.2%, boys. But what exactly do the terms "overweight," "obese," and "morbidly obese" mean, and why should these distinctions matter to you? Continued...
Fast Food Survival Fast Food Survival - Sometimes fast food is the only option other than starvation. Long road trips, coworker lunches, the only place your child or childish companion will eat - these are all situations where you may be forced to enter one of these fluorescent dens of gluttony and decide which of their evilly delicious menu items you'll be naming your newly enlarged buttocks after. While the fast food companies have generally shown an appalling disregard for their customers' health, they have lately been shamed by our nation's obesity epidemic into offering some menu items that have some nutritional value. Continued...
This week's featured products
Polar F55 Aluminum Polar F55 Aluminum
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