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Another week of challenges to overcome. But the thousands and thousands of you who are reading this newsletter and who have chosen to improve your health and fitness are empowered and will use your determination, strength, endurance and independence to deal with whatever obstacles stand before us!

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Editorial: No time for name calling

A friend of mine calls me a "treehugger." Although he means it in a disparaging way, since we don't share the same political views or practice our religions the same way, being called a treehugger is just fine with me. But with the news of the closure of BP's Prudhoe Bay oil field until early 2007 and the loss of eight percent of US crude oil production, there are far greater things to think about than labeling people because they don't share your same views. So let's see how fit and healthy people can face this newest challenge and overcome it.

When I was a kid, I used to collect the little paper things on my parents Lipton tea bags because they all had quotes on them. One that to this day sticks in my mind is, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Until I started this editorial, I never knew that the quote is from American diplomat Joseph P. Kennedy. Although I don't know what challenge was being faced when the statement was made, it sure seems appropriate now. Facing what I believe to be a 2.6% reduction in gasoline available in the US market, why don't we all go one step further and say that we are going to reduce our consumption by 5%. That would not only make up for the shortfall, but also tend to drive prices down, since gas prices are inflated now because of low supply and high demand.

Let's start by finding out how much we are spending on fuel now with this handy, dandy Gas Budget Calculator. Since I am so busy trying to keep the world fit and healthy, according to the calculator, I am "only" spending about $1,100.00 a year on gas. Reducing my consumption by 5% would mean spending $55.00 less a year or using just under half of a barrel of crude oil less per year. That does not seem like a lot to me. But here's the rub - we are addicted to driving. Tuesday afternoon was a perfect example. I was behind schedule, so instead of running the three quarters of a mile to the track to meet my running club kids for a workout, I drove about a mile and a half there for over a three mile round trip. That is setting a very bad example! I need to drive about 350 miles less a year and that is getting off to a bad start.

So, let's talk about some concrete examples of what we could be doing and get this gas saving ball rolling. Say I run to practice the three times that the team trains and it is about 3 miles each way. I run an additional 9 miles a week, get more fit and drive about 450 miles less per year! Do you drive to the health club and meet a friend to workout? Why don't you drive together if it isn't too far out of the way to pick each other up and you could each drive every other week. How much gas would you save. The same goes for work. Can't you pick someone up one week and they pick you up the next. What about grocery shopping. Buy twice as much each time you go and you go half as often, saving lots of gas.

But why just save gas. Why not get more fit and save gas. Need something to do with the kids instead of driving to the park. Why not run to the park. Learn more about running with your kids in, "What You Need to Know About Running and Your Child." Not into running, then make fitness a family affair by walking or riding your bikes to the park together and playing a sport or just simple, active games. Get some ideas on the "next big trend" in exercise in "Family Fun Fitness." Is that bike you bought with good intentions just sitting in the garage? Then start saving lots of gas by "Making Bike Commuting Work." Need a shower when you get there? Well if your boss hasn't seen the light and realized that fit and healthy employees miss fewer days of work, are far more productive and their health care costs far less, then convince him or her to put in showers and be a leader in positive change. If you have a thick headed boss, then stop at a nearby health club and see if you can work out a deal to just take a shower there - or better yet, join and lift some weights after your bike commute. Worried about riding to and from work? Then ride to work one day and get a co-worker to give you a ride home and back to work the next day and then ride home.

Where there is a will, there is a way. This is no time for name calling. In an interview recently in Iran, although the guy was unhappy about the war raging in Lebanon, he felt that Iran should not be involved because they had their own problems to solve and near the top of the list was high gas prices! We are not alone in our challenges and our solutions can be both creative and beneficial. For some reason, the label "conservationist" has a bad connotation. Well, why not be a "conserver" and conserve gas and improve your health and fitness at the same time. Instead of being dependent on a flawed health care system and oil supplies that lie beneath other people's countries, why not proudly be an "independent" and show how taking care of our bodies will lead to less dependence on doctors and drug companies and how our creativity can lead to less dependence on oil. So in the end, maybe being called a "conserver" and "independent" or even a "fitness freak" wouldn't be so bad after all!

So in the end, maybe being called a "conserver","independent", "creative" or even a "fitness freak" wouldn't be so bad after all!

Richard Dafter
OEO (Only Executive Officer)
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