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Enhancing the Lives of the Friends of

Is it really possible to make a difference? Having chosen to make a difference in your own lives by improving your health and fitness, many of you now have renewed energy and determination to take on even greater challenges. This week's focus is on helping you to make a difference in other people's lives.

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Editorial: Helping you to make a difference

Twenty five years ago, I was living in Guatemala and immersing myself in the culture. When Good Morning had a segment on making a difference recently and it featured two young women from Yale and their efforts to help educate children in Guatemala, it got my attention.

Three years ago, Ruth DeGolia and Benita Singh were college students whose studies led them to the lush western highlands of Guatemala. While visiting tiny villages of families driven to the isolated region after the country's devastating civil war, they were struck by the beautiful pottery, jewelry and rugs the women had crafted. Making only about $3.00 a day working in the fields, the Guatemalan women were thrilled when Ruth and Benita took some of their goods and sold them out of two suitcases on the Yale campus and offered all of the profits to the women. This money and all of the profits from the 15 village cooperatives that Ruth and Benita have since founded is being used to educate the girls of these villages. In just two years, Mercado Global's revenue has now funded primary schooling for 116 children.

Today, so many of us have raised our levels of consciousness as these young women have done and we, too, are making a difference. Because of that, I have created a resource to link the readers of this newsletter together to help in your efforts to make a difference. As I have done with Mercado Global on the Making A Difference page, so I will do for you. Let's add our non-profit activities to promote fitness, health, education and our other lofty goals and chip in together to help. Are you putting together a fitness program to help kids be more active and fit and need to promote it? Are you organizing a walking group to promote the benefits of daily walks? Is your school putting on a 5K fund raiser and you want to promote it? Is your hospital or church having a fitness and health fair and you need to promote it? I know in my heart that if you have made the conscious effort to improve your own well being that you are also concerned with the well being of others and that together, we can make a difference.

To help with your fund raising efforts, I will donate one Polar RS200sd valued at $219.95 to the organization that I feel best demonstrates the purpose of "making a difference." It can then be raffled off by your organization. Please send your submissions to and I will post them and I will also link the Making A Difference page from to promote it even more.

Richard Dafter
OEO (Only Executive Officer)
Health and fitness resources
» Beachbody's Fitness Programs - Beachbody offers a wide range of fitness programs to help you achieve real and lasting results!
» Denise Austin Fit Forever - Her newest body-slimming program zeros in on your trouble spots and helps you start to shrink your fat zones in 6 weeks!
» Global Health & Fitness - An award winning, results-based online fitness program
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» MyBeachbody - Personalized meal plans and interactive diet and fitness tools
» Weight Watchers® - Online weight-loss from the name you trust
This week's health and fitness articles
Fruit More Food Substitutions for Faster Slimming Results - One of the hardest things about losing weight is dealing with hunger pangs. Pizza, donuts, and chips are so satisfying because they're high in fat, which promotes a feeling of fullness. Unfortunately, fat is also high in calories. Happily, you have a healthier option with fiber-rich foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes that are nutrient dense and much lower in calories than those artery-clogging munchies. Continued...
Smoothie Jumbo Juices and Crappuccinos - We've been conditioned to think the word smoothie is synonymous with healthy but many are quite the opposite. Smoothie's not a word you need to strike from your vocabulary but, like most things you put into your body, you should pay attention to the particular ingredients. Some are great, while others are little more than ice cream in a cup. Here's a quick rundown on the types of smoothies you're likely to encounter and when, or if, you should drink them. Continued...
Whole fruit The Whole Fruit and Nothing but the Fruit - A new study has shown eating whole fruit could be the main dietary difference between obese and overweight individuals. And that would be whole fruit, not juice, jam, smoothies, or fruit-filled dessert items. Let's give Mother Nature some love - she knew what she was doing. The study at the University of Southern California showed that the main difference between 52 normal-weight adults and 52 overweight and obese adults was the amount of fiber in their diet, which mainly came from fruit. Continued...
This week's featured health tips - Phil Campbell - Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness for Time Crunched Adults
How to Shrink the Size of Abdominal Fat Cells - For years, people have thought that dieting is the best way to lose abdominal fat. Throwing in some exercise along the way will help, but it's not absolutely necessary. You've heard this before, "cut the calories and drop the pounds." New research shows that dieting doesn't get the job done.

During a five year study, researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center set out to discover the most effective way to drop abdominal fat. They compared a low-calorie diet versus a low-calorie diet with exercise. Results: the study clearly proves that exercise must be a major component of any program designed to reduce abdominal fat. To make it an apples-to-apples comparison, middle-age women needing to reduce abdominal fat created a deficit of 2,800 calories a week either by dieting or by dieting with exercise.

All women lowered their body fat and body weight during the study, but the diet-without-exercise group had no changes in abdominal fat cell size. Let me say that one more time, this research shows that diet alone will not reduce the size of fat cells. Only the diet-with-exercise subjects experienced decreases in the size of their abdominal fat cells. And the fat reduction was significant. Diet-with-exercise achieved an 18 percent reduction in the size of abdominal fat cells.
Metabolic Syndrome - Metabolic Syndrome is a serious medical condition because it sneaks up on its prey and does damage without notice. Many middle-age adults have this condition and do nothing about it because they accept the waist-line expansion, weight gain, and lack of energy as a natural process of growing older. This is a huge mistake!

Metabolic Syndrome (originally called Syndrome X) is a combination of conditions -- high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance -- and most people are totally unaware they have the condition. Prior to 2001, your physician couldn't tell you about Metabolic Syndrome because it didn't become an official medical condition until May 15, 2001.

Researchers report that Metabolic Syndrome significantly increases the probability of heart failure in middle age. The findings are based on tracking 2,300 men age 50, and following them until age 70. (The metabolic syndrome and risk for heart failure in middle-aged men, 2006 May 22; Heart. Ingelsson E, Arnlov J, Lind L, Sundstrom J.) Individuals with Metabolic Syndrome are almost twice as likely to develop heart failure, report the researchers, because it directly affects the heart by increasing the buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries. The study shows that Metabolic Syndrome causes the body to produce excessive insulin, which in turn, makes the heart worker harder than it should. This enlarges the heart muscle and impairs its capacity.
Dr. Timothy S. Church, Medical Director at the Cooper Institute in Dallas says, "It shouldn't be called metabolic syndrome It should be called physical inactivity syndrome."
Fitness tips, recipes, motivation and more
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