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Enhancing the Lives of the Friends of

A somber week of remembrance for all of the victims of last summer's hurricanes. Let's try to put ourselves into the lives of those who survived and had to rebuild.

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Editorial: Remembering the summer of mass destruction

The numbers are staggering in terms of lives lost and property damage and the devastation that occurred over the course of the summer of 2005 borders on the unimaginable. In the words of Senator Barak Obama, "This week marks the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, one of the greatest natural disasters to ever strike our shores. The images of Katrina are still seared in our minds one year later: mothers holding their babies above water, seniors slumped in wheelchairs, and bodies floating down American streets. Out of all the sadness and despair, though, we are reminded of one immutable fact: America is great because Americans are good at heart. It's what sent Americans from all over the country deep into the waters of New Orleans, willing to do whatever it took to pull their neighbors to safety."

Most living beings are creatures of habits. Humans, especially, have routines. Morning coffee, a workout on the same route, meeting a friend at the gym at the same time, checking our email. But think back to a year ago to all of the people along the Gulf Coast who one day were planning a weekend bike ride with friends and a short time later were living in a stadium or cramped into family members houses. No walks, no runs, no workouts - not even any idea what tomorrow would bring.

We learned, though, how strong at heart and how indomitable our spirit is. As a runner, I was amazed at how just one month after Hurricane Katrina hit, the Mardi Gras Marathon Sponsors posted this message on their website. "THE 2006 MARDI GRAS MARATHON IS ON! COME BACK TO THE BIG EASY Mardi Gras Marathon to Host Major Hurricane Katrina Relief Fundraiser! In an unprecedented move to assist with the rebuilding of New Orleans, the 41st running of the Mardi Gras Marathon and Half Marathon will donate all net proceeds to a special Hurricane Katrina Fund called Back to the Big Easy. This fund will give ALL NET PROCEEDS from the Mardi Gras Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K to local charities based in the city to help with the Big Easy recovery efforts. This years event scheduled for Sunday, February 5, 2006 will be the first major sporting event back in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina brought the Crescent City to its knees on that dark Monday morning in August."

In similar fashion, Team Diabetes, a Canadian Diabetes Association, posted this message on their website. "The unparalleled disaster that struck the city of New Orleans on Monday, August 29 has prompted many questions about the Mardi Gras Marathon scheduled to take place on February 5, 2006. Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that ensued brought the Big Easy to its knees. Our thoughts are with the residents of New Orleans, their families and friends. As impossible as it may seem right now that the sounds of Mardi Gras will once again fill the streets of the French Quarter, we know that the Crescent City will rise soon. We urge all participants to continue their training and fundraising. Please rest assured that the safety of our participants is our primary concern. On February 05, 2006 the City that Care Forgot will need your care and your presence more than ever before."

I saw a woman this morning when I was walking Dixie and she had seen "An Inconvenient Truth", which claims that, "Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced." Whether you believe that or not, wouldn't it be the greatest of tributes to the strength of our hearts, the fullness of our spirits and the goodness of our hearts if we used the same resolve that aided all of the victims of the hurricanes, as well as brought back the Mardi Gras Marathon, to contribute as human beings to try to avert future summers of mass destruction?

Richard Dafter   
OEO (Only Executive Officer)   
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Going, going, gone...
A heads up to your family members and friends about two models of Polar heart rate monitors being discontinued. The Polar F6 Sand Pearl has been discontinued because the color was not popular. The Polar M32, which is a great model, has come to the end of its reign. There is no price drop allowed yet, but as of 8/31, I have two Sand Pearl and three M32's in stock.
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