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Enhancing the Lives of the Friends of

How a small group of individuals committed to being healthy and fit grew into a multitude that made a difference...

In this issue:
» Editorial: Let's get serious
» Fitness tips, recipes, motivation and more
» This week's health and fitness resources
» This week's health and fitness articles
» NewFitness for moms and moms-to-be
» This week's "sidewalk sale" items
» Health and fitness news headlines
» Health and fitness article archives
» Making a difference
» Going, going, gone...

Editorial: Let's get serious

I feel like I am writing a letter each week to a group of friends with shared interests. I have spoken with many of you when you needed advice and helped you onto your path to health and fitness. Once on the path, you took the initiative to move forward and accomplish the goals that you had established. Having accomplished your goals, you should feel empowered by the fact that putting your mind to something achieved results as well as empowered by your rediscovered energy and zest for life. Because I know that feeling fit and healthy allows you to do more in your life, each week, through this newsletter, I have presented a current news story or concern that could prompt you to use some of your excess energy.

Being a news junkie as well as a fitness advocate, it is easy to find a new cause to rally around each week and relate it to fitness and health. Remember the avian flu headlines that prompted me to suggest that you make every effort through exercise, good nutrition and lifestyle choices to keep your immune system strong and thus be able to ward off the impending pandemic. Well, I guess that scare went by the wayside since little is said about it now. Remember back at the end of July when the world according to some seemed headed for World War III and, of course, I said that we needed to be strong both physically and emotionally. Well, to a certain extent, things appear to have settled down and although many, many lives continue to be lost, we seem to be a little more complaisant and go about our daily lives a little less worried. Then there was the call to ride our bikes more and walk more and, of course, drive less when the news of the Alaskan pipeline shutdown was front page headlines. Well, the dire predictions of high gas prices just didn't seem to happen and now gas prices are plummeting for some unknown reason as yet unexplained.

Perhaps it would be better to stick to news stories that are not based on predictions, but rather on facts. Then maybe, just maybe, my calls to make a difference might just be heeded. As embarrassing as it is to tell you, when I asked in one newsletter issue to send me information about the cause you were supporting and I would provide a Polar heart rate monitor to raffle off to donate money to that cause, I only had one response. Does that mean that out of the thousands and thousands of people who receive this newsletter, only one person is trying to make a difference? I don't know. What I do know is that it is time to get serious and use our collective energies for more than just making our own lives better.

Here is an example of a headline that gets your attention, isn't based on predictions and can give you something to focus on to make a difference in other people's lives - in this case, children whether they be yours or someone else's. In a Reuters Health News story on September 5, it was reported that 25 percent of the 1.9 million children in New York City are living in poverty and many of these children are overweight or obese. If you do the math, that is 475,000 children living in the largest city in the United States who are living in poverty and making matters worse, many will have long term health problems from the effects of being overweight or obese. How, you might ask, can you live in poverty and be overweight? In the report by the Food Bank for New York City, it states that "low income families don't have very much money available to pay for their groceries and so they must buy the cheapest food available in order to keep their children fed, Aine Duggan, the group's vice president of government relations, told Reuters. Unfortunately what that means is they're buying the food that's highest in fat content and calorie content because the cheapest food available tends to be fatty food. Duggan said fresh fruit and vegetables were not as widely available in low-income areas as they were in middle-class neighborhoods. Overall, nearly half the city's primary school children were overweight or obese, the report said."

Can we make a difference in New York City? Probably not. Can we make a difference in our own families and schools and the towns we live in? Yes. We ourselves are committed to regular exercise and good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices to make a difference in our own lives, so why don't we get serious about spreading the word about how to make a difference in other people's lives. This week's featured articles, "9 Foods Not to Give Your Kids" and "Diet, Exercise, and Your Kid's Grades" will give you some guidelines to follow and give substance to your "message."

Richard Dafter   
OEO (Only Executive Officer)   
This week's featured health and fitness articles
French fries 9 Foods Not to Give Your Kids - Since most kids have hummingbird metabolisms that adults can only envy, it's easy to often give them a free pass and let them eat whatever they want. But eventually those metabolisms slow down, and the pounds settle in. Also, as physical activity decreases, and processed-food intake increases, kids aren't burning calories the way their parents might have when they were their age. And even if the kids aren't getting fat, they are establishing eating habits that they will take into adulthood. As parents, you can help foster a love for healthy eating and exercise that will last your kids a lifetime, hopefully a long one! Continued...
Weird science Diet, Exercise, and Your Kid's Grades - There's a lot more you can do for your kids' education than locking them in a bulletproof SUV and waiting in a smog-choked line of other SUVs to drop them at the steps of their school. Teaching proper eating habits and providing time for exercise will do more for your children's potential to excel than any other thing that you, as a parent, can do. Unfortunately, you may not get support from your school in these matters. Lack of funding and programs such as the ill-named "No Child Left Behind" are making it more and more difficult for your kids to eat well and exercise properly at school, making your parenting decisions more vital than ever before. Continued...
More great health and fitness articles
The Paleolithic diet – should we eat like our stone age ancestors? - The "paleolithic," "stone age," "cave man," or "neanderthal" eating plans have been around for a while and there are quite a few books that have been written on the subject. Continued...
Tom Venuto's Article of the month: Beyond Lean: How To Get “Ripped” Using High Intensity Cardio By Russ Yeager - How to burn off body fat by using cardio more effectively Continued...
Are You A Walking Time Bomb? High Blood Pressure, The Silent Killer - Natural ways to reduce your blood pressure. Continued...
Fitness for moms and moms-to-be
Over the Labor Day Weekend, I created a forum for moms and moms-to-be to share their experiences, knowledge, wisdom and concerns in staying or becoming more fit. I am relying heavily on you as friends of mine and advocates of health and fitness to contribute to this forum and make it a success. Please go to Fitness For Moms and start creating a wonderful and insightful site for the exchange of knowledge.
Going, going, gone...
A heads up to your family members and friends about two models of Polar heart rate monitors being discontinued. The Polar F6 Sand Pearl has been discontinued because the color was not popular. The Polar M32, which is a great model, has come to the end of its reign. There is no price drop allowed yet, but as of 8/31, I have one Sand Pearl and three M32's in stock.
Polar F6 Sand Pearl - $99.95
Polar M32 - $109.95
This week's "sidewalk sale" items
When you go to the grocery store, or any store for that matter, don't you always buy the product in the perfect package. I always ship the heart rate monitor to you in the perfect box and then order new boxes if I get shipments that have heart rate monitors in even slightly damaged boxes. That really doesn't make sense, so I decided to put those monitors out on a "table" in front of the store and create a "sidewalk sale." I can't advertise these items, so this is a "private" sale, just for my readers. All of these items are brand new and obviously come with full two year Polar warranties. Because these prices can't be advertised, I can only accept phone orders at 866 797-7336 and all orders will be shipped USPS Priority Mail
Polar FS3 Dark Grey - $64.95 - you save $5.00
Polar F4 Black Amber - $73.70 - you save $6.25
Polar F6 Black Coal - $92.45 - you save $7.50
Polar F6 Denim Stone - $92.45 - you save $7.50
Health and fitness resources
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» Denise Austin Fit Forever - Her newest body-slimming program zeros in on your trouble spots and helps you start to shrink your fat zones in 6 weeks!
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