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Me Time
Why is me time such a big deal?
Like many things, Me Time is all the more wanted the rarer it gets. In their recent book, What Women Really Want, pollsters Celinda Lake and Kellyanne Conway discovered that women across all strata of society feel overwhelmed with the insatiable demands on them. When they asked what women wanted more of in their lives, the two most popular answers were "peace" and "time." They were talking about a sense of serenity and control over their lives. The women polled also said they would like more sleep, and that they battle the "guilt that creeps in whenever they take a break." Full story
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Health & Fitness News Headlines Featured health and fitness articles
Feds: HIV testing should be routine for Americans
Generic drugs getting cheaper at Wal-Mart
Too busy to cook? Not so fast
Excess belly fat is not your friend
No change in heart disease risk in U.S.
Four short walks a day helps keep BP in check
U.S. spends most but gets mediocre health care
Echinacea cuts cold incidence
Salad eaters have higher levels of key nutrients
BMI and Waist Hip Ratio The Magic Number for Health and Beauty - We've all heard the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." It explains why someone might fall in love and marry a person someone else would never even notice. And yet, there are markers of physical attractiveness that are said to be universal, not only across cultures, but throughout time. Turns out, one in particular is also a pretty accurate indicator of the shape you're in. Read on to see what your waist and hips have to do with the health of your heart. Continued...
Take Out Food Advice Takeout Tips and Traps - In a perfect world, we'd all be able to spend the morning browsing the farmers market for the perfect seasonal produce and spend the afternoon making nutritious meals that, in their flawless presentation, would bring a tear to Martha Stewart's eye. But in reality, sometimes you don't even have time to make do with what's in the fridge. You might even have to resort to what's hanging on your doorknob or stuck in your windshield wiper - the scourge of diets everywhere - the delivery menu. Continued...
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Body Fat Calculator - online body fat estimator from Stevens Creek Software
Fitness Solution Finder - determine which fitness solution is right for you
Free Online Fitness Test - find out how fit you are with this free fitness analysis
Free Fitness Profile - provided by Bob Greene, Oprah's personal trainer
Free Diet Profile - find your perfect diet with eDiets
Free Diet Personality Test - find out what your diet personality is
Get Motivated For Life Success System - for struggle free fitness and fat loss
Target Zone Calculator - key target zones to help you achieve specific goals
Training Logs - keep track of all of your workouts with these free training logs
Recipe of the Day - A great recipe for every day of the week
Motivation of the Day - Motivation for every day of the week
Fit Tip of the Day - Fitness tip for every day of the week
iTRAIN - Custom-made downloadable audio workouts now available on your mp3 player.
Workoutwarehouse 30 Day Trial - Try out the best brands with a 30 day trial
Beachbody's Fitness Programs - Beachbody offers a wide range of fitness programs to help you achieve real and lasting results!
Denise Austin Fit Forever - Her newest body-slimming program zeros in on your trouble spots and helps you start to shrink your fat zones in 6 weeks!
Global Health & Fitness - An award winning, results-based online fitness program
eDiets Diet and Weight Loss Programs - The #1 visited Health, Fitness & Nutrition Site
MyBeachbody - Personalized meal plans and interactive diet and fitness tools
Weight Watchers® - Online weight-loss from the name you trust
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