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Germ warfare at the gym
Germ warfare at the gym
Q: I think I've been getting sick lately from my health club. What is recommended regarding gym cleanliness and hygiene?
A: Any time people are in close quarters, there’s an elevated risk of contracting cold and flu viruses if someone nearby sneezes or coughs and you breathe in a virus. You also can pick up a bug if an infected person at the gym wipes his mouth or nose, touches the treadmill or bench press, and then you touch the equipment and touch your mouth or eyes, explains Dr. Bruce Hirsch, an infectious disease specialist at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y. Full story

Study finds one in three youngsters unfit
CHICAGO (Reuters) - About a third of American youngsters age 12 to 19 fail treadmill tests measuring heart and respiratory health, and fatness and sedentary lifestyles are likely culprits, researchers said on Monday. The finding, published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, was based on tests done from a representative sample of 3,287 boys and girls between 1999 and 2000. They were interviewed at home and then went to an examination center where they performed a treadmill exercise test consisting of a two-minute warm-up, two three-minute periods of exercise and a two-minute cool-down. Continued...
 Heart Health
Does your heart sense your emotional state? - Stress may increase your risk of developing heart disease
Green tea may help prevent strokes, not cancer - 5 cups a day greatly reduces heart disease in Japan
Getting Into the Spin of Things - How one woman lowered her cholesterol with a spinning class
Lifestyle tops for a healthy heart - Eating right and exercising can help cut your risk of heart problems by 87 percent
Heart Healthy Diets - If you're interested in starting a heart-healthy diet, discover what you can eat, the pros and cons, and check out our collection of recipes that are both delicious, and good for you!
Learn and Live Quiz - By taking this brief quiz, you will get a list of resources on our site to help you live a longer, stronger life.
Do You Want to Go Healthy? - The Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Nickelodeon have launched a nationwide search for the 2007 Lets Just Play Go Healthy Challengers.
In the Zone for Lifetime Fitness - Henrico County Public Schools, Richmond, VA - Student use of heart rate monitors for effective physical activity increases in high school 9th grade students

 Physical Activities for Elementary Kids
Healthy Heart Walkers
Healthy Heart Tag
Partner Walk Tag

 Health & Fitness News Headlines  Featured health and fitness articles
Strength training may slow knee arthritis
Battle against stress means big business
Weekday TV watching hurts schoolwork: U.S. study
TV diet coach urges lifestyle change
Touch a light switch, catch a cold, study finds
Obesity linked to too little sleep, again
Sugar linked with mental problems in Norway study
Mothers' prompts to eat may affect kids' weight
Over 40, female and fat around the middle?
Sleepless nights can cause worse problems than grumpiness
Tomatoes 10 Reasons to Eat Organic—and Local - "Think globally, act locally" is not just for bumper stickers anymore. This United States-esque slogan has become even more important when it comes to thinking about where your next meal should come from. After all, aren't we supposed to be a bunch of independent counties, making up independent states, that band together to aid each other as a nation? Anyway, the implications are far from just political. Buying local, as well as organic, will allow you to feed and protect your family in the safest way possible. Here are 10 reasons to add your local farmers market to the top of your to-do list each week. Continued...

Spinach E. Coli Outbreaks and Food Safety Tips - Let's talk spinach. What the heck happened last month; what is the government doing about it; and what can you do to ensure your food is safe? Learn more about E. coli, how it is spread and food safety tips so that you can avoid becoming infected with E. coli. Keep reading for some timely answers.Continued...
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Body Fat Calculator - online body fat estimator from Stevens Creek Software
Fitness Solution Finder - determine which fitness solution is right for you
Free Online Fitness Test - find out how fit you are with this free fitness analysis
Free Fitness Profile - provided by Bob Greene, Oprah's personal trainer
Free Diet Profile - find your perfect diet with eDiets
Free Diet Personality Test - find out what your diet personality is
Get Motivated For Life Success System - for struggle free fitness and fat loss
Target Zone Calculator - key target zones to help you achieve specific goals
Training Logs - keep track of all of your workouts with these free training logs
Recipe of the Day - A great recipe for every day of the week
Motivation of the Day - Motivation for every day of the week
Fit Tip of the Day - Fitness tip for every day of the week
The Zane Body Training Manual - The very latest information about how to train, diet, and get into the best shape of your life.
iTRAIN - Custom-made downloadable audio workouts now available on your mp3 player.
Beachbody's Fitness Programs - Beachbody offers a wide range of fitness programs to help you achieve real and lasting results!
Denise Austin Fit Forever - Her newest body-slimming program zeros in on your trouble spots and helps you start to shrink your fat zones in 6 weeks!
Global Health & Fitness - An award winning, results-based online fitness program
eDiets Diet and Weight Loss Programs - The #1 visited Health, Fitness & Nutrition Site
MyBeachbody - Personalized meal plans and interactive diet and fitness tools
Weight Watchers® - Online weight-loss from the name you trust
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