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An Open Apology to All Polar Customers

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

A year ago at this time, I was scrambling to keep Polar heart rate monitors in stock as the holiday shopping rush was heating up. Today, I am hoping each day that I will make a sale and struggling to make ends meet. My situation has nothing to do with Polar, because it is a world class product and remains well ahead of all of its competition, but rather a bad decision that I made that could very well force me to sell my home.

In July, the Polar CS-Series cycling heart rate monitors became available to the Polar Authorized Dealers, and I made the fateful decision to carry the line and purchase the quantities that I was required to purchase to carry the product. In all of my years as a Polar authorized dealer, there has never been a Polar product that I couldn’t sell, so it seemed like a good decision at the time, but now I deeply regret going into a category of Polar heart monitors that was unfamiliar to me and not suitable for my fitness site. I was ultimately forced to return the order and in the time that it took to sort out the details of the credit, I went out of stock on many products, lost an untold number of sales and many, I suppose, of my loyal customers

Now I am at the mercy of the buying public and I can only hope that my same day shipping, knowledge of the product and customer service will help to resurrect my business. It is my hope and prayer that you will be compassionate and once again make your source for Polar heart rate monitors and accessories.