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Polar Heart Rate Monitor Troubleshooting Checklist

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Before you return your Polar Heart Rate Monitor to Polar for service, please check the following:

1. Is the transmitter belt worn correctly? The belt should be flat against the skin, with the Polar logo right side up.
2. Are the electrodes on the transmitter moist?
3. Is the transmitter clean?
4. Is the receiver within one metre range from the transmitter?
5. Are the heart rate signals very high and abnormal? Relocating the receiver may help. Check the list of sources of disturbances in this document.
6. Check that there are no other transmitters within one metre if you have a non-coded transmitter.
7. Has the battery been changed by an unauthorised party, causing damage to the receiver?
8. Have the buttons been pressed under water, causing leakage in the receiver?
9. If the receiver display is frozen, carry out global reset, if your model has that feature (see the manual for global reset instructions).
10. The chemicals in some swimming pools and seawater may effect the ECG signal pick up.
11. The ECG signal strength varies depending on the individual’s tissue composition. The percentage of people who have problems in heart rate measuring is higher in water environment than in normal use.