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Polar Heart Rate Training Plan Bank

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Within the Polar Training Plan Bank you can find training plans for various endurance sports created by top coaches.

You can save these plans to your own Polar ProTrainer 5″ training calendar which will allow you to transfer each training session to your Polar RS800, RS400, CS600 or CS400 to guide you through each training session. You can then transfer your complete training files back to your ProTrainer 5″ training calendar and compare your actual results with your targets.

You will find examples of various types of training plans. There are plans for various levels and for a qrange of different events. Each plan has a short description that will allow you to get an overview. We will regularly add more training plans, helping you to get even more out of your training.

Feel free to share these training plans at web sites and to runner’s forums. You can also e-mail the plans to your friends and club mates.

If you are coaching and have good plans, the ProTrainer 5″ allows you create and share your own plans as well. To go to the Polar Training Plan Bank, click here.