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I have the Polar S625X and I could not be more pleased with it. It is a heart monitor and distance tracker which uses a fot pod. All the specs and info can be found at Polar’s website. I trained for my first marathon using it and it helped me run at my recommended pace. I also used it during the marathon and it was a huge help. I highly recommend it if you are looking for both heart rate monitoring and distance tracking.

Another thing I like about the Polar over the Forerunner (which I also have) is that you can use it while you run on the treadmill. I like keeping a log of all my runs and the software that comes with the Polar is pretty good too. If you don’t really care about logging it with the software the RS200sd will do most of the things the S625X can do minus uploading to your computer. But from what I hear you can upload the data to the polar website. Hope this helps.


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