Where’s Rich?

Or more precisely, where has Rich been? With only 24 posts, it is a sad commentary on how life’s struggles can overshadow life’s passions. As a Polar heart rate monitor user for over 20 years, I probably love the product and know the product better than just about anyone. But supporting your family selling even the best product has its challenges in the troubling times that we face.

Where’s Rich? Well you will soon be able to track his runs and see how he uses his Polar heart rate monitor to maximize the effective and enjoyment of every workout that he does.

Stay tuned - there is much, much more to come…

Route: – 4 shady loops Elev. Avg: 5,600 feet
Location: Albuquerque Academy, NM Elev. Gain: 75 feet
Date: 08/13/07 Up/Downhill: [+0/-0]
Time: 04:45 PM Difficulty: 1.0
Distance: 5.00 miles
Time: 0:45:48
Speed: 6.5 mph
Pace: 9:09 /mi Heart Rate: 120 bpm (Avg)
Calories: 387 132 bpm (Peak)
The temperature at the start was 98 and 96 at the finish, so I chose a shady route. My average cadence was 84, my stride length was 3 feet 5 inches and my running index was 64

Elevation (ft.)


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