How accurate is the Polar S1 Foot Pod and S3 Stride Sensor

Answer: exceptionally accurate. Having used the Polar S1 Foot Pod with my Polar S625X and now the S3 Stride Sensor with my RS800sd on the same routes, I know that they are both equally accurate. However, that has presented a problem for me, because they both confirmed that I am now slow. Thinking that wasn’t possible and also needing to be smarter on my solo runs all over Albuquerque and in the Sandia Mountains, I decided to upgrade my Sprint phone to a GPS enabled Katana II and use Wireless Run Tracker to track my runs (and find me in case something happened to me on a run). Sadly, the GPS only confirmed what I knew in my heart - my S3 Stride Sensor was only one one hundredth of a mile off in a 45:00 run and yes, I am slow…

Route: Elev. Avg: 5375 ft
Location: Albuquerque Radar Site, NM Elev. Gain: +3 ft
Date: 10/29/07 Up/Downhill: [+265/-262]
Time: 03:55 PM Difficulty: 2.9 / 5.0
Weather: Fair
  59 F temp; 38%% humidity
  59 F heat index; winds NE 5 MPH
Third testing run with the Katana II phone. Exceptionally easy to use.

Elevation (ft)


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