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Weight Loss Tips

Why You Might Be Losing the Battle of the Bulge

By Monica Ciociola
From the Million Dollar Body Club - Join Today and Workout to Win!

Who do you blame when your best-laid diet plans go awry? There are obvious culprits like the 36-billion-dollar-a-year food industry that pushes us to eat more, eat on the go, and try all sorts of pseudofoods probably unrecognizable to our grandparents. Then there are the more elusive saboteurs. Here are 5 ways to spot the signs of diet sabotage and avoid them!

  1. Battle of the bulgeYou think that working out every day entitles you to eat as much as you want. Sorry but it doesn't work like that. In your haste to pop in the Turbo Jam® DVDs, you may have missed the Turbo Jam fitness and nutrition guide. Now would be a good time to crack open the book to the "Diet" section. You'll be happy to learn that eating it up "Turbo Style" doesn't mean giving up the foods you love.

  2. Burger and friesYou dropped 10 pounds in your first week and can't wait for your next Fatburger. While it's great to reward yourself for a job well done, if your ultimate goal is to lose weight, a place like "Fatburger" probably isn't the best choice. Instead, how about heading to the spa for a day of beauty or indulging in one of these not-so-naughty, under-200-calorie treats.

  3. Pizza and sodaYou hit your goal weight and now you're feeling a little cocky. If you start to rest on your laurels and go back to your pre-Beachbody eating habits of pizza, fries, and soda, the pounds are bound to come right back. To really lose the weight for good, you'll need to change your eating habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Remember to eat slowlyYou're ready for dessert, while the rest of the table is still working on their appetizers. All those nights of eating in front of the TV make it hard to remember that food should be eaten slowly and with pleasure. Inhaling your food doesn't give your stomach enough time to send the message to your brain that it's about to explode. So if you're a fast eater, try to slow it down by eating with other people and taking a break for air, water, or conversation after each bite.

  5. Chinese take outDinner preparation consists of dialing your local Chinese restaurant. Having lived in NYC for eight years with a kitchen the size of my mouse pad and every type of cuisine just a speed dial away, I picked up some pretty bad habits. The trouble with restaurants is their entrees could feed a family of five (but start to seem normal) and they sneak in extra oils, sauces, and dressings. Learn to prepare your own food in a way that's convenient for you, like washing all your lettuce, veggies, herbs, fish, and poultry on Sunday for the week ahead. You can also make vats of soup, pasta, and brown rice that you'll be able to microwave throughout the week.
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I am a full time Beachbody Coach. I motivate and guide close to 2,500 Club members and head a team of 11 Beachbody Coaches who are all committed to helping you reach your goals. Before joining BeachBody, I was a certified personal trainer for more than a dozen years and have been a running coach for over 20 years. Continued...


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